04 November 2008


on conflict:
use common sense--and let go--confrontation will not help--inner conflict is the cause--that which is still raw
so--to understand the reason why the friction of the past is still memories thats sly

As much as I hate this situation, why am I creating it? I'd like to say I understand, but I don't. Can you give me some more clarity?
It is like your shadow self wanting to stop you and it is everywhere
say you are neo--and smith is your shadow self you see in all people and you are fighting with this shadow self
but in fact--you created it through events and participations that was seemingly mostly innocent but for a few events that was maybe more violent
it is to understand that even in the innocent moments--we are fulfilling self destructive prophecies and we end up paying for it for sometimes a long time--to stop it is to not respond--to not talk about it--to forgive it--to see the pattern and understand the total scope of the pattern--to realize the innocent moments were not innocent--but actual self justifications due to upbringing--allowances--society--culture--whatever--it was still part of the smith in each one we are allowing to consume our reality--
we blame the smith without becoming it like neo and the oracle in matrix and transcending it--this is our nature--smith--our destruction--our neighboring self we do not want to face--we keep on blaming--we keep on seeing they cannot change--since when
there is a point in each of us where we will change--where we will be self honest--where we will meet again
we better be ready for it

So to make clear....as soon as I clear out my fears and self-destructive beliefs this 'person'  no longer 'harass' & 'torment' me? So, say it was my ex-boyfriend for instance--once I do my clearing & forgiving effectively--he would all of a sudden lose interest in harassing me? Does it really and truly work this way?
no--it will not stop--you are not doing it as life--but to stop shit in your life--that is self dishonest
Thus--it will continue--on average for 7 years--to test of what you apply is real or just done to have a better life--which is impossible in a unified field
Understand that in the unified field--the now is the past--and the future is the past--the allowances repeat--and must be walked through as life--even if you are clear of all deceit--deceit will still manifest in your world

Also, you said that we better be ready for our self & shadow self to meet. What will this look like, and why is it so important? What will it be like if we don't?
This world is our shadow and we have to meet our shadow--it follows us every where as money--as consumption--as desires--as needs
and thus it is obvious what will happen if we do not meet our shadow head on and stop the separation--earth will be no more

Also, I've been wondering a little more specifically what changes will be taking place in the next few-several years? Is it going to 'scary', ridiculously rough, or just different? And, will it be better in a way?
The next few years will be hell on all levels--and there will even be those that seemingly are doing well in the world and they will do well with money and many other temptations--to test who is really life and who is treying to manipulate the situation or feed their ego
so--be sure--no easy way--the worst nightmare of each being is coming true--not all together--but one by one--and when your nightmare start--keep the candle burning as self honesty and self forgiveness as that is the only way one get through this--and to give up is useless--because it will just come back and you will wish to die--and it will not be possible--because this is what we have become as life--look around you--and we have no way out--because we really did this in the moments of our fear and ego--we fucked ourselves GOOD

we have each other--if we dare to be frank in supporting each other--the journey will be as effective as it could be--but--we must remain self honest in every breath--no matter what

Why is consuming 'bad'?
Consuming is the use of something without realizing that it comes from somewhere and in the case of the world have an effect on the living organism called earth
There is a video on open forum about consumerism that explains how this is bringing the world to an end--
This is the reason the Illuminati is actively focusing on reducing world population--which is unfortunately necessary as humanity will not change through understanding and the planet will not survive the consumerism onslaught

Is it OK to have a comfortable life?
What is a comfortable life--to own stuff--to buy stuff--to have stuff--to stuff stuff into one's mouth--to be able to buy stuff--does any of this survive death?
what is comfortable--certainly the world will become more comfortable for some--and very uncomfortable for many--and those that is comfortable will probably have to sell their soul to the system--and obviously justify it
the problem is in the big cycles of life and death--on a daily basis one can barely see the effect in your life--Over 100 years--it becomes more apparent--over a million years it becomes psychotic
as the matrix movie indicate--man is a virus--that destroys anything it touch for its own comfort

Is it OK to continue creating-a business, etc. Or is it completely pointless and/or not suggessted?
Unfortunately at this stage we are here in this sytem--thus I suggest businesses that is based on service and support--and not on manufacturing more stuff
and that one buy only what is necessary--and not to feel better about self or to have a social status

So, basically is there going to starvation, famine, disease, war, and whatever else?

To be clear, what does 'deceit' encompass? What defines deceit?
Deceit is when we participate in something regardless even when we know it will cause a problem--thus when we willfully focus on our own satisfaction and gratification without seeking a practical solution

As far as starvation, how would some survive and others not? Do we not all have the ability to grow our own food?
Unfortunately this has been preprogrammed as cultures and personalities--etc--we are not fixing this in a jiffy
this is going to take dedication and focus--and skills in directing life
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