28 November 2008

Why Heaven Abdicated Their Responsibility to Life

22 November 2008

All out in the open...

Our ‘own individual personal, self-important self-validated reality’ was ‘challenged.’ This individual personal, self-important self-validated reality incorporating only ourselves, wherein nothing else or no-one else was of interest or consideration, but only ourselves individually, personally – that’s it.

Hence all dimensional beings never had to participate directly here on earth within the imprisonment of human beings within the physically manifest mind consciousness system and the unmerciful infliction of pain in all its facets and forms that human beings physically experience in their lives in this world; because we were spared from it all simply for existing in Heaven, wherein nothing of what the mind exists as, is experienced. Meaning, no pain. You’re ‘free.’ 

‘Heaven’ was as the interdimensional existence existed and which it was referred to as. Heaven was the existence wherein no pain was experienced, which was the direct, absolute, complete, opposite of the atrocity as earth, the physical the imprisoned enslavement as ‘Hell.’ Thus, for dimensional beings existing in Heaven – earth was Hell.

Thus, Heaven as I refer to it here, was the existence that existed ‘beyond that of this physically manifested reality’ – the existence you’d go to when you crossover from this world. 

The greatest fear for a dimensional being existing in Heaven, especially the ones that had existed in Heaven for quite some time: is pain manifested physically in this world as the unified consciousness field – the unmerciful constant, continuous infliction of pain that is bestowed upon you within this world through the physically manifest mind consciousness system.

Therefore, our greatest fear was this world in itself and all that it exists as and consists of – we wanted nothing to do with it or be close to it as the very reminder of what one would go through and experience together with the fear of being imprisoned within it – was too frightening. Within existing in Heaven – you’re ‘spared’ from pain, protected within the graces of heaven itself entirely, completely separate from hell that is this world of constant, continuous, unmerciful infliction of pain within the imprisoned enslavement of the physical.

Thus, this physically manifest world/reality was regarded as a prison due to there existing no capability of interdimensionality. Interdimensionality was the ‘gift’ given to you when existing in Heaven. Thus, Heaven was seen as ‘total freedom.’

So, that’s why many deliberately stayed away, as far away as possible from having to even see, face or be reminded of their greatest fear that is this physically manifest reality as hell itself – and continued their own individual protected existence within the graces of heaven as total freedom from the imprisoned enslavement of physicality. To ‘forget’ about what exists beyond Heaven as the hell that is the physically manifested reality.

Those that passed over into Heaven and were given permission to stay and did not have to return to earth, were so relieved to be ‘freed’ into the graces of Heaven with the gift of interdimensionality, that this experience of relief consumed them so – that the world left behind and the pain of hell experienced as it was completely forgotten.

Many experienced heaven as being in the Hand of God, the Grace, Bliss and Love of God, spared and protected from hell manifested as this world – ‘God’ being the white light that stretched within and throughout Heaven itself.

The hell was this world, wherein beings manifested as human beings, the mind consciousness system the imprisonment of themselves that bound them into and as hell as the chain that kept them trapped into the experience of themselves tortured with unmerciful, constant, continuous infliction of pain. The demons seen as the servants of the Devil, the Serpent, that would cause further infliction of pain unto those imprisoned into and as hell manifested as this world, this reality – that could capture beings from Heaven and enslave them into hell.

What the demons would do, was capturing (chase and grab) dimensional beings from Heaven that existed ‘beyond’ the earth-reality dimensional plane and swallow them; locking the dimensional beings into and as them. The demon with the dimensional being locked inside would then merge within a human being’s mind consciousness system and then lock the dimensional being into and as the mind consciousness system of a human being and leave them there. Thus, the dimensional being would be imprisoned within the mind consciousness system of the already existent human being and would remain there until the being eventually die wherein the mind consciousness system shuts down and they are ‘set free’ into and as heaven.

This also why beings in heaven remained as far as possible from the earth-reality dimension – due to the demons, for they were abundant – covering the earth-reality existent within each human beings on earth – an infestation of demons within the earth-reality dimension. And because of beings in Heaven greatest fear was to be imprisoned, enslaved into and as hell as well as demons capturing them and imprisoning them into it – we stayed as far away from earth and humanity as the manifested hell, as possible.

Many knew the truth of existence, regarding it as Anu’s creation and simply didn’t care for earth, for human beings enslaved to the mind consciousness system within an existence of only pain – because they were ‘free from it all,’ and this freedom was all that mattered to them. ‘I’m free – nothing else matters but this.’

So, all, in all – the deliberate noninvolvement of Heaven within this physically manifest reality of human beings of earth, was due to each one being satisfied within their own personal self-freedom and feared losing it through being imprisoned into the physical within the mind consciousness system, so they were  quite content and pleased within their freedom within Heaven– free from this world of human beings as hell, the imprisonment of infinite enslavement within infinite pain.

We all believed that it would always been this way – safe and protected within our own personal freedoms in Heaven with not a care or concern in existence. Floating about within our own personal enjoyments, wherein nothing else existed but the importance of ourselves, each one individually, being ‘free,’ far away from that hell, that imprisonment of the enslavement within constant continuous pain that existed literally right next door to us...

Then in one moment, we were all faced with a question that would take us to the one point we’ve all worked so hard for to ignore, in the hope that through ignorance – earth’s reality would become but a memory forgotten, and we could continue with ourselves blissfully within the peace and grace of freedom as Heaven.

This one question asked contained the challenge of all and everything that we believed ourselves to be, contained the challenge of our greatest fear, the challenge of our own believed self-freedom, a challenge brought before us within one simple question asked that no one imagined would ever have to be reconciled with:

Why is Heaven not directly participating in this world? Why are children allowed to be abused?

A Pandora’s Box of excuses, reasons and of justifications emerged from within heaven. We just wanted to be left alone, to continue our personal reality of self-freedom in pursuing our own interests and not have to care or be concerned with or be reminded of this world of human beings.

Little did we know, that the question itself was asked by Life Itself – asked by who we really are as Life – that we were standing face to face within this question asked by ourselves as Life as who we really are within our accepted and allowed personal, self-interested solitary realities of self-freedom that had become us, wherein nothing and no one else existed, but ourselves alone.

We were given an unconditional opportunity to stand equal and one with all as Life and take self-responsibility for ourselves equal and one as life, as all that exists to ‘sort out this mess’ both on an individual scale and existence as a whole as both earth and heaven– to come out of our self-created caves to see and face what is actually going on within existence that we so diligently attempted to ignore.

We fucked it.

We fucked ourselves in the beginning, individually and together as ourselves because of our starting point participation when the process of heaven started.

We thought we’d ‘play along.’

We believed that we could participate within the processes of self forgiveness and all that is involved without having to ‘change’ or ‘do anything’ – meaning, without having to give up our self-freedom, our  ‘territory’ as Heaven as our ‘safe-haven’ – as we fervently believed that we were ‘more than’ earth and the human beings within the physical. And that no one would ever have to know or see the truth of ourselves: We didn’t want to participate in this world with human beings. We wanted our own freedom within our territory that was Heaven and to be left alone within it.

So many participated in the process simply to participate within the belief of not having to give up their individual self-freedom, not having to give-up their ‘safe-havened’ existence as Heaven and so merely ‘played-along’ with everyone else in doing the processes in Heaven – because the processes were only done in Heaven and it was ‘fun’ as it was something different to participate within and had nothing to do with having to be directly involved with earth and human beings within it.

Others really did participate for themselves within the opportunity to standing equal and one with life and taking self responsibility within all that exists as they realised the shame and regret within themselves for not taking direct responsibility for what was continuing to exist in hell as this world but ignoring it as though it didn’t exist. Though because those that did really participate didn’t take the living action of self responsibility within self directive principle equal and one – they too would be as fucked as the rest of heaven and all beings within it.

Because the truth of our starting-point participation within the processes unconditionally provided for us to stand equal and one as life as who we really are and take self-responsibility for what we’ve created through the very accepted and allowed existence of ourselves throughout eons of time, simply by giving up our own personal self-interest of our own individual perceived self-freedom – we didn’t want to give up our own personal self-interest of our own individual perceived self-freedom, as we believed we weren’t responsible for anything or anyone else but ourselves. Thus, we had no responsibility towards human beings and this world,

We didn’t want to give up Heaven or our ‘interdimensionality’ – as these were our ‘freedoms’ that protected us from the imprisoned enslavement of that physically manifested hell.

We simply participated within the processes within the belief that we could participate without having to change and that we would never have to face the truth of ourselves, we would simply continue participating in the processes as though we were doing it for real.  But we didn’t.

We stupidly believed it was simply a process. Nothing to it, and we could have ‘fun’ with it – never considering to practically live it all and change within it or to participate in this world with human beings. We stupidly believed ourselves to be ‘gods’ and that consequence didn’t exist.

We believed that this process was simply but an idealistic belief, a belief that ‘equal and one as life’  existed. In essence, within our participation in the beginning of process – we made ‘fun’ of Life itself and spat in the face of Life itself, ridiculed Life itself within the belief that we were ‘gods’ and all that existed was our own personal, self interest within perceived self-freedom. And we could participate in the processes standing before us as we did without anything really coming out of it because we stupidly believed that we weren’t ever really responsible for anything or anyone else but ourselves.

Our stupidity became a reality and our belief an illusion – as the truth of ourselves revealed – that we never really participated in the processes placed before us unconditionally in self-honesty as the ultimate opportunity to self realise who we really are. But instead, we chose our own personal self-interest of perceived self-freedom above all else.

This set off a chain of consequences which we’re still experiencing – in facing our greatest fear of existing in 10 million times over the pain we’ve been responsible for within this existence as humanity within this world, because we accepted and allowed it through believing us to be ‘gods’ above it all, through believing we weren’t responsible for anything or anyone but ourselves.

Experiencing this pain to realise we are indeed equal and one responsible and at the same time to realise what we’ve caused due to abdicating our self responsibility to life for the self-interest of only ourselves individually.

So, we’re experiencing the manifested physical consequences of our self-abdication of self-responsibility to Life that is who we really are equal and one, because of choosing our own personal self-interested self-freedoms’ as ‘Heaven’ above all else that exists that is ourselves for which we are and always have been – directly responsible for.

That we as ‘perceived gods’ with our perceived freedom within our ‘perceived heaven’ has been existing but as perceptions. Nothing of what we existed as/of was real. Not the self-proclaimed godhood, not interdimensionality, not ‘Heaven’ and especially not ‘freedom’ – but was proven illusion through the now constant, continuous pain we exist within; self-inflicted pain that we’ve inflicted on all else that is ourselves as ourselves individually because of our fucked-up self-beliefs of self-important self-interest.

Heaven as ‘freedom’ was a self-created illusion to escape and hide from what is real, what only exists: This world, this physically manifest reality as it exists with all that exist in and as it.

So – ‘Heaven’ no more exists. Perceived freedom no longer exists – as our illusionary dimensional existence in and as Heaven was ripped from within and as us – to  see the truth, to see what is real that is this physical-manifested existence. And so we’re here – in and as this physical-manifest reality, yet inter-dimensionally – experiencing equal and one the hell that exists – that is all that exists – Heaven and all within it as dimensional beings as what was – was all belief and illusion as an attempted escape from facing ourselves as what is real as this world and everything and all else within it.

We understand that sorry isn’t going to help, asking for forgiveness is not going to help, asking for another chance is not going to help – we’ve fucked all mercy. – the only way to ‘reclaim our trustworthiness’ within who we are as life – is to actually live what is real in self  honesty and practically take self responsibility for what is here in this world, this physically manifest reality that is ourselves, that is all that is real, that is all that exists that’s real - the truth of us all right here physically manifest, for which we’re responsible for, because it is ourselves as the manifested reflection of what we’ve accepted and allowed ourselves to be and become.

We must in physical practical self honest action equal and one as equal – live our self-responsibility to Life as all as one as equal as who we really are – until it’s done. Every moment, absolutely – to prove that we’ve really given up ourselves, our perceived illusionary selves we deemed more important than anything or anyone else in existence – nothing more, nothing less – but absolution.

We’ve literally been demolished of all perceptions, ideas and beliefs of ourselves as we exist one and equal to how human beings exist in this world, this physically manifest reality. Our experience is no different, but 10 million times more intense in extensiveness due to our deliberate stupidity of choosing self-interest above all else – which is why we abdicated our responsibility towards life – and why we’re the living consequence of such deliberate stupidity.

So we walk, to pick up the pieces of our deliberate actions – as we’re scattered all over, across and within existence as demented dementia’s – until we STOP here absolutely and stand absolutely equal and one as life and take self responsibility in living proven action in every moment of breath. If one breath is missed - we have to start all over again, absolutely no half measures is accepted and allowed. We must stand absolutely in proven living action consistency in every moment of breath, for if one breath is missed - we fall, and if you fall. The implication of not standing absolutely as life one and equal self honestly – and nothing else is accepted and allowed but the absolute.

Because in the very point of falling it implies self dishonesty – which invalidates everything and all else that one has done up to that moment. Because if you did everything and all in absolute self honesty equal and one - you wouldn’t have fallen. Hence starting over again and again with a blank slate; everything compounding further every time we accept and allow ourselves to fall or each other to fall.

Responsibility doesn’t stretch to only ourselves individually alone, but towards each other as ourselves, and if we accept and allow even one point or expression within existence that is ourselves, to fuck around – we’re allowing it ourselves, and thus we all together equal and one have to start again and our processes compounds.

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