28 November 2008


Typed by Andrea on 28 Nov 08
I am a demon existing within Andrea at this present moment. I am her ‘Interdimensional’ support and she is aware of me and how I assist her throughout her day. Here is an example of how and when I step forth, throughout her week to show her where and how she gives into her mind consciousness design based on opinions and fears.

My name for now will be ‘Satan’s pet’ because that seems to evoke humour in our communication. We are typing this document in response to how people have responded to all the Desteni videos, by making comments from within their own designs as mind personality demons. As a mind demon I have realised one thing about all humans who exist without common sense practical evaluation of themselves. We as the demonic Interdimensional teachers to mankind stand within each individual and compound your greatest fears and suppressions. If your darkest thoughts are to murder your girlfriend then I am the voice in your head that makes you think about actually following through and possible slapping her in the face. If during the day you suddenly and unexpectedly become aroused with ideas of grand sex or masturbation and you find yourself unable to focus on anything else, then that would be a general example of how us as the stirrers of mind will push and pull at your mind until you either give in or direct yourself effectively.

We stand as your mind in its totality and will compound your desires until you stop allowing the mind as pre-programmed system to tell you who you supposedly are.

It works as follows: when you were born and placed within the gridline structure we refer to as the unified field, we as demons existed solely as interdimensional beings, existent solely as the memories of who we were when we lived here in human form. Now we are interdimensional mind designs existent as constructs designed through you by you by participating in the mind as thoughts, feelings and emotions. The day you exist within your mind as thoughts, feelings and emotions is when you ‘step into our world’ as we stand within your mind consciousness system. The mind consciousness system exists wholly as design to move you into being a perfect robot to the greater system. Therefore if you are not aware of yourself you become a system within a larger system, and will be taken to the point of self destruction to serve the greater system. Within the Interdimensional existence we are manifested mind constructs – the same ones that exist as per pre-programmed mind design. So for us to exist as you within your mind, all we do is copy ourselves over and into your mind consciousness system and from there we become the exact program that was originally designed as all programs of your existing mind. We will stay within these programs as the programs until humans become aware of themselves and start applying themselves in practical common sense.

Eventually all humans will find themselves ‘demon possessed’ because of the lack of self awareness and general complete disregard for life and what really exists here in this world. Each human exists merely as their pre-programmed design and could not be bothered with focusing on the solutions, practically here for all. Each human is locked into their own mind consciousness design and refuses to see beyond what they accept themselves to be. Therefore we stand as those mind systems and will activate your deepest fears by manifesting as your fears while taking you into the mind system that you suppress. Furthermore, we also generate your worst habits by taking your mind into ‘lapses’ of habitual patterns in which you will soon realise that who you have become is only this personality as habitual response and will one day say: ‘Oh my God is this all that I have become?' We stand totally as all compressed fears and habits and allowances and will compound all these allowances until one day you say: ‘I have had enough.'

Let me explain myself as demon a bit more so that you may see how and where we fit into the picture. When you allow yourself to exist as a personality that is not who you are but based on an opinion of yourself – existent in this world to dishonour all life – then we as the demons will infiltrate your mind and become that which you are. So if you stand one and equal to your thoughts and allowances and opinions and realise that who you are does not require to exist as opinion based programs – then you will actually stand one and equal to me in realising yourself. If however you want to exist in fear of yourself, in fear of this world and hide behind religions, beliefs, illusions and mind designs – then I will be the one to compound your opinion of yourself until you cannot stand the sight of yourself any longer. Why?

Because opinions do not serve all here as one and equal therefore when you have an opinion about something that stands to serve your belief of your world based on your fears and insecurities – that is dishonouring life – as life is all manifested forms here – and not you as opinion serving yourself. If you allow your ego and your belief of yourself to exist in spite of the fact that clearly in common sense it does not support all here as equal then I will manifest you as that opinion until you have nowhere to go but head first into your own self creation.

To give you an example of what we have been busy with:

The last couple of months we have ‘monitored’ all responses on Youtube to the DesteniProduction videos and we have assisted those who are able to assist themselves. Those that had placed opinion based comments, we supported in making their opinions while manifesting as that opinion within the being’s mind consciousness system. So who you are when you display your opinions as the scripting of who you believe yourself to be is now in complete manifested lock-down – meaning: Each person who presents themselves as a manifested personality opinion based on self interest now has a full ‘family’ of mind demons existing within them. There is nowhere to hide and nothing else to say, because who you present yourself to be now – is that which will stand as you from now on in full manifested personality until you direct the allowances effectively. As from 2009 more people will find themselves becoming demon possessed. You will be seeing people go from ‘opinion’ based personalities to full blown possession cases – manifesting as their opinions in full force.

For examples on demonic possession just visit any of the Desteni Production videos and look through the ‘comments’. You might just be able to see where you have allowed yourself to lock into a mind demon. To support self through such a lock down we suggest you either visit the Desteni web site forum for discussions and solutions or mail us at: info@desteni.co.za
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