08 November 2008

The Greys

27 October 2008

The Grey’s particular planet consisted of manifested sound-frequencies. 

Each and every sound-frequency in existence was manifested as their planet which resonated as a light-silver expression – the light-silver expression as the colour that manifests as all sound-frequencies manifested as one.

The Appearance and Physicality of the Grey’s:

The colour of the Greys’ ‘skin’ from their ‘shoulder-formations’ to their head-region is this light-silver shade with glares of white-resonance as that which their planet exist as with all the sound-frequencies in existence manifested as one.
When touched, it is as soft as silk, yet as rigid and firm as metal itself.
The Greys don’t have defined legs or arms – but existed as a ‘coat’ of threadlike formations that flowed as threads of water flowing.

The thread-like formation that flowed and moved as water ‘flowing in a constant slow-moving motion’ -was actually liquid, formidable sound that expressed what the Greys’ existed as and consisted of.

The threads of liquid, formidable sound that flowed in a constant slow-moving motion – existed so as the sound-frequencies in themselves were ‘alive’, yet not conscious of their own existence.

The Grey’s ‘coat’ as their primary manifested ‘body’ was ‘alive as all sound-frequencies manifested as one’ moving in a constant slow-moving motion as liquid, formidable sound.

From afar the ‘threads’ look as the light-silver expression as that which they face and shoulder-region express, though have a light-blue gleam.

When approaching them and standing before them directly, the colouring of the ‘threads’ was all colours imaginable, softly flowing and moving as the motion of the movement of the liquid-formidable sound expression as that which the threads existed as.

For each individual unique sound-frequency existed as a ‘colour’ as the ‘signature’ of a particular individual and unique sound-frequency.

This is also how they ‘moved’. They moved slow, gracefully gliding – constant and stable within the slow-moving graceful soar.

Therefore, one can say that the Greys’ were the manifested physical conscience as the embodiment of all of the manifested sound-frequencies of existence.

The circular structure in the centre of their being – is what individualized all sound-frequencies as that which they existed as, and it is from within this circular structure that they communicated.

This circular structure was their manifested ‘life-force’ as it contained and existed as all of the manifested sound-frequencies of existence within it, yet individualized, so that each sound-frequency can be uniquely expressed as its individualized uniqueness through and as the Grey’s within their particularly meticulous method of communication with other Grey’s. 

The centre-point of their head-region is through which they communicate with other races within existence.

This centre-point is directly ‘linked into’ the circular-structure and they communicated through streaming specific individualized sound-frequencies through the centre of their being, into the centre-point of their head-region and can through this; communicate to any being in any form or expression or manifestation in existence.

This method of communication done with other races within existence, through ‘linking in’ telepathically to those who they communicate with and speak from within the being their communicating with.

For example, in standing before them, they’d be communicating with a being, within the being themselves – in the ‘language with which the particular being communicate and exist as’ and so will have a ‘conversation’ with such a being in silence, yet directly expressing themselves towards each other – within the being they’re communicating with.

The communication occurred within the being they communicated with, as though placing themselves within the being they’re communicating with, though standing before the being at the same time.

Therefore, the centre-point in their head-region through which they communicated telepathically to other races, was a ‘translating-system’ so to speak, which allowed them the ability to communicate to any race fluently as the language such races communicated with and existed as.

This done through first ‘sending out a frequency-ray’ from within the centre-point of their head-region towards the being with whom they are to communicate and ‘scanning’ this being with this ‘frequency-ray’ and within the scanning, imprinting this being’s language and method of communication into themselves as though ‘duplicating’ the being’s essence of language and communication into and as themselves.

From here, they stream the necessary sound-frequencies into and as their centre-point within their head-region and from within the centre-point within their head-region communicate with the being before them within the being themselves – as the centre-point ‘translate’ specific individualized sound-frequencies streamed from within the circular structure – to express the language and communicate the being before them exist as.

Each race’s language essentially consisted of specific sound-frequencies that is ‘brought together and manifested’ as a ‘language’ with which to communicate and as which to exist – which form part of the definition of a particular race. Wherein language and the method of communicate, exist as one of the pinnacle aspects of identifying a race.

With the Grey’s consisting of and existing as all manifested sound-frequencies of existence – they could thus speak in any and all languages and any and all methods of communication of all races that existed in existence.

Hence the circular-structure as the primary ‘life-force’ as what they exist as – categorizing and individualizing each unique sound-frequency of existence, to assist and support the Grey’s within their ability to communicate fluently and effectively with every single race of existence.

Towards each other, however – the Grey’s expressed in sound that could be heard and understood only amongst their own race.

No other race within existence could understand or comprehend their ‘language’ which consisted of and existed as the sound expression of sound-frequencies and was too complex and intricate to be analyzed, configured or followed.

Hence their ‘mouth-region’ always being ‘open’ and when looking into their mouth-region – there exist only pitch-black darkness.

As it is through the specific formation of their mouth-region that they express specific sound frequencies’ sound expression and can also change the formation of their mouth in innumerable ways – to support the specific sound frequencies’ sound expression that is expressed through them towards each other.

Their ‘foundation-essence’ was pitch-black darkness – which served as a stabilizing-equilibrium factor to assist and support the specific nature of all the various intricate sound-frequencies in which they communicated.

For the sound-frequencies in themselves existed as individualized live expressions that expressed in multiple various different ways according to the individual sound frequencies’ expression.

Therefore, also when looking ‘through’ the motion-flowing sound-frequency threads as the ‘bottom-section’ of the embodied appearance – you saw only infinite pitch-black darkness.

The Nature of the Grey’s:

The Grey’s were as tranquil and calm as the threads of liquid, formidable sound that flowed in a constant slow-moving motion, and as stable and content as their graceful soaring movement.

Within existence in its entirety, the Race of the Grey’s existed as the manifested equilibrium balance within an existence that primarily consisted of polar-opposites that required a point from which balance is obtained and maintained within the polarity extremes that played out within existence amongst races.

You had the subservient races, the dominant races, the placid races – all various different races existing in one existence – and had always to a certain degree managed to exist together without any extreme havoc reigning throughout existence.

Many races consulted to Grey’s with regards to resolving disputes and arguments which essentially are manifested events of two polar-opposites ‘clashing’ with each other, which is inevitable within an existence consisting of extreme polarity as the various different manifested races that exists.

And it was the Grey’s ability to assist and support such races that were involved in arguments, disputes or debates to ‘draw a line of balance’ and direct such arguments, disputes or debates, to once again restore the equilibrium maintained amongst the races.

From this perspective, the Grey’s were the manifested stabilizing point within all of existence, that ensured the balance within existence in maintaining an equilibrium amongst races.

They were highly regarded and trusted in this respect as the Grey’s were the only race that could observe and evaluate a situation without bias – as they had no preference or regard for one race above or more than another – and this all races within existence understood.

Therefore one can say that the Grey’s as their entire race – was the point from which all other races’ expression within communication and language as ‘part of’ a particular race’s identification originated from – and thus, all other races was seen as the Grey’s ‘individualized offspring’ and was the one neutral manifestation that stood as the stabilizing-balance expression that maintained equilibrium within and throughout all of existence.

The moment a conflicting dispute, argument or debate would take place, which most prominently ensued amongst different races, the Grey’s would immediately within their being detect such an event as a ‘rift’ that is experienced within and as their entire being, leaving them experiencing much discomfort as their constant motion is ‘disturbed’ and is no more ‘equal in movement’ but consist of and exist as slight rifts within this rift manifesting within existence as a dispute, argument or debate manifesting between races.

The Grey’s were the race that stood one with all other races as the sound expression within which all races existed as and communicated with in and as a particular ‘language design’ and could so immediately detect when a problem occurred within the manifestation of conflicting arguments and would immediately be there to resolve the situation to once again restore balance amongst the races and maintain the equilibrium within existence.

The Planet and Civilization of the Grey’s:

The Planet itself was in an oval-shaped form, and as has been mentioned within the beginning of the document existed as the manifestation of all sound-frequencies as one and existed as a light-silverish expression in colour.

The Greys were ‘different’ from all other races from the perspective that all Greys were equal. No one could not distinguish one Grey from another – all were, according to other races – the same. Therefore, for other races, the Greys seemed like one Grey duplicated into hundreds and thousands of Greys – as other races within existence couldn’t compare one Grey to another – they were all identical.

Though amongst the Greys themselves, they distinguished each other from one specific sound-frequency signature, and that one specific sound frequency signature emitted a specific sound expression permeating within and throughout their entire being that was only audible  by the Greys themselves.  

There existed no ‘chain of command’ as ‘hierarchy’ amongst the Greys because of their equality presence manifested amongst and as the Race itself as each Grey was standing as the one responsibility to maintain equilibrium within existence, and so they lived this responsibility absolutely – without compromise. 

Their planet consisted of no structures, establishments or settlements. But would return to their planet occasionally to ‘rest.’ 

This ‘resting’ would manifest as the Greys merging as one with their planet and ‘disappear’ as they merge and become one with and equal to and as their planet as all sound frequencies manifested as one. Thus their entire being will amalgamate with and as their planet and as they manifest themselves one with and equal to their planet in becoming again a ‘part of’ the planet itself. They would then re-emerge from within and as the planet once they experience themselves readily cooperative to participate in existence once more.

They primarily moved in groups of three within and throughout existence, their movements gracefully soaring. Their only purpose and reason for existing was to maintain and ensure the balance within existence amongst all races that shared this one existence and only returned to their planet within the moment they experience the requirement for rest.

They would, however participate with races within supporting other races’ particular expressions. Such as assisting and supporting Marduk when Marduk ‘played with’ sound expressed communication when creating individualized personalities of symbols – to so have it become ‘live-functional entities’ that had  the ability to communicate and express.

This they would only do, however if it supported the being’s expression. The Greys participated equally with all races in assisting and supporting their individual expressions when asked.

The Greys did not have a ‘life-span.’ They were the only constant within existence and remained a Race that existed of 717 000 Greys.


Greys came into existence along with all other races during the period of the creation of existence which was done by and through the Annunaki races’ ancestors eons of time ago – though this is another book in itself.

The Greys had been involved within the sound-frequency settings of vocal-cords of the mind consciousness system design of the human physical body, wherein tonality of words spoken by human beings was set in particular sound-frequency tones to so support the design of the mind consciousness system itself. This was done to support Anu in his particular expression of creating manifested systematic constructs – which was to be the embodiment of the mind consciousness system for and of the physical creation of the human physical body.

Though to the Greys – all they were participating in, was assisting and supporting Anu’s individual expression in assisting and supporting him with the frequency-settings of the mind consciousness system design, from which eventually the vocal-cords of the human physical body were designed.

They remained a neutral race throughout Anu’s conquest on existence.

They remained ‘neutral’ due to their primary essence consisting of and existing as a ‘balance’ or ‘equilibrium’ and thus posed no direct threat to anything or anyone.

The Greys were only involved in ‘minor’ disputes between two or three or more races. They never ‘handled’ an occasion wherein all races of existence was involved. They were only existent as a Race resorting and maintaining equilibrium within existence based on minor occurrences. What had occurred within existence within the enslavement process of Anu and his allies was too unbearably massive of an issue for the Greys, and they declared their neutrality and refused to participate as it was compromised and threatened their existence. The Greys congregated at their planet and all merged with their planet together – so that all that remained of the Greys within and during Anu’s conquest was their Planet as themselves.

Having to ‘choose sides’ is what took place within existence in its entirety, as all of existence was affected within Anu’s conquest and ‘too a big an affair’ for the Greys to become involved. All other races knew and understood they could not go to the Greys for ‘help’ as the races knew and understood that the Greys would refuse: to participate in ‘helping’ only certain races would imply ‘choosing sides’ and therefore, the Greys extracted themselves from existence’s fall and destruction and was ‘left alone to themselves’ after most of existence became enslaved.

They would appear in ‘human-like form’ towards human beings when they accessed this manifested physical existence momentarily upon occasion due to curiosity and investigation of that curiosity which drove most interdimensional races that weren’t directly involved with Anu’s enslavement-progress of most races within existence. And would therefore ‘appear’ as Grey’s have been seen by human beings in this world, though this is not their original form and only took this form when presenting themselves momentarily to human beings in this world.

Here follows a picture of the Grey’s – please note that how Grey’s are portrayed currently by/through human beings, is a portrayal of the Grey’s through the human being’s mind consciousness system as an interpretation of what the Grey’s looked like, which is not their original form – their original form existed as this: 
source: Desteni

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