18 November 2008

History of Contact with Aliens: Part One (Section 2)

17 November 2008
Continuing with

Within relative recent history between the 12th to the 18th century as the ‘formative-generation progression’ that would influence and determine the 21st century reality as we experience and exist within today it – visitation and crash-landings were relatively frequent but eventually tapered off within the 19th century due to alien-races taking more into consideration the risk-factor involved of entering and exiting this physical-manifested reality.

There were however, alien-races that took the risks and continued to do so – especially the alien-races appointed and designated by Anu to continue their visitations on earth while others continued their visitation purely from interest of the process of evolution of the human physical form and the mind consciousness system within it carried out through time.

The alien-races that remained within the earth and established civilizations within the ‘underground’ as I have mentioned within the previous document, back in the beginning of human civilization before the 12th century, manifested here on earth and were ordered to remain underground – not to be seen.

Some of such aliens that became physically manifest played with ‘devolution’ as in transforming their physical-alien form into and as the manifestation of animal-like creations to be able to walk the earth amongst the humans and animals unnoticed.
Other such alien races that became physically manifest played with ‘evolution’ as in transforming their physical alien form into and as the manifestation one with and equal to that of the human physical-design to ‘walk the earth amongst the humans and animals unnoticed.’

Others attempted and succeeded to remove themselves from being physically manifest to ‘crossing-over’ into and as interdimensionality through the assistance and support of their alien-race that developed methods to open up ‘portals’ into and as the interdimensional existence through which they moved to once more ‘return to their origin’ as the interdimensional existence.

There were even aliens that had become physically manifest that removed themselves from the physical reality through committing suicide due to them believing it to be a ‘dishonour’ to their race to be so limited in their existent expression of themselves as physical, believing that being physically manifested was a form of ‘punishment’ – thus they would take their own life as their sacrifice of themselves as the act of asking forgiveness from their race and ‘gods’ as forefathers that had gone before them, to have mercy and once again allow them to return to their origin as interdimensionality within the interdimensional existence.

Crash-landings wherein human beings were directly involved through sighting of the UFO as ‘alien-space-ship’ landing and coming into direct contact with the aliens that occupied the space-ship drew attention from the governments of this world, and they became involved with the actual experiences with these aliens.
Such instances would manifest different ‘outflows of event’ after such crash-landings wherein human beings would be directly involved.
Later as human civilization ‘evolved’ within the mind consciousness system of the human physical body, alien-races that crash-landed with their space-ships were either captured and taken by/through the government or hid themselves through cloaking, immediately to be collected by another space-ship from their race within the interdimensional existence, but left their space-ship in this reality that became physically-manifest for human beings to utilize for their own desires in attempting to ‘equal’ alien-race technology which would never be possible due to the deliberate constricted, limited and insignificant design of the mind consciousness system through which human beings exist.

Within the involvement of governments and elite of the world within alien-UFO crash-landings, already within Hitler’s era of reign, there existed human beings with the capacity to hypnotize human beings of ‘society’ that had actually seen the aliens themselves to forget about the entire instance, go home and sleep and in the morning when waking up, would completely ‘forget’ they’d ever seen an alien in physical form right before their very own eyes.
Later through the years government elitists specifically professionalizing in the area of alien-UFO crash-landings developed methods and technology to keep a ‘close as possible eye’ on the skies of the earth to ensure they’d be the first to sight a crash-landing and ensure the silence thereof from human-society.
This primarily done to ‘keep human-society at bay’ from such alien-UFO crash-landings wherein humans of society would be directly involved – due to this possibly being a ‘cause’ as a ‘door that would open’ for human beings to be ‘incontrollable’ within the world-system that they are currently controlled within as the ‘normal, civilized lives they lead’ and thus rather transformed aliens and UFO’s into ‘debatable conspiracy theories,’ leaking only certain evidence into human-society grounds as a means of utilizing aliens and UFO’s that did exist and did land and crash-land in this world, as another mass-control method, while government elitist utilize alien-UFO extractions for personal-gain.

Understand that the ‘leakage’ of alien-UFO pictures into human-society is controlled and 99.9% of what is leaked has been altered exponentially to present an visage of what aliens and UFO’s actually looked like – all methods of control of human-society.
So, there exist facilities wherein government-elitists experiment on actual physical-forms of aliens and their space-ships, exploring with their DNA and technology – ‘because they can.’
And there are still facilities wherein government-elitists ‘eagle-eye the skies of the earth’ to ensure no humans of societies’ involvement within Alien-UFO crash-landings occur, but that they’d be the first to extract the aliens and UFO that crash-landed.

Most sightings before the 17th century were actual sightings of UFO’s as aliens with their space-ships entering the physical-manifested reality for a glimpse of a moment and would also cross the threshold of this physical-manifested reality in myriads of space-ships, though from the 17th century onwards, most sightings were mixed with human-created attempted replica’s of space-crafts, weather-manipulation experiments and technological-evolution in the advancement of aviation.

Crop Circles:
Crop Circles were the actual formations formed in Crops of Farmers across the world due to actual landings of space-ships of alien-races upon the crops of farmers across the world as this was, for such aliens with their space-ships – quite comfortable, ‘easy access into direct human civilization’.

The particular designs of the Crop-Circles are due to alien-races’ space-ships existing as ‘sound-formations’ as most space-ships of the interdimensional existence of alien-races were constructed and designed of and as sound, that would manifest their space-ship within and as a particular identified sound-pattern.

This ‘particular identified sound-pattern’ as the ‘identification-sound-symbol formation-design’ of space-ships of alien-races is what would manifest within the Crops of Farmers referred to as ‘Crop-Circles’ when the alien-races with their space-ships land.

The crops would form and mould according to such sound-symbol formations, due to the space-ships of alien-races consisting of and existing as ‘manifested interdimensional sound’ and it is the ‘sound as that which the space-ships is manifested as and exist of’ that‘form and mould the crops according to the particular specific ‘identification-sound-symbol formation-design’ of space-ships of alien-races.

Such sound-imprints made in ‘nature of this world’ – to ‘imprint particular sound-symbols’ within the ‘nature of this reality, this unified consciousness field’ to so ensure further enslavement in the remaining of humanity as a whole within and as a particular ‘natured-design’. Such sound-imprints in and as nature-itself done in collaboration with nature itself to ensure the manifested enslavement of human beings in and as their programmed design of/as ‘human-nature.’

Such alien-visitation landings within crops of farmers were for ‘experimentation-surveillance’ purposes of human beings living in close-proximity.
Wherein such aliens would do ‘physical examinations’ of the human physical form in relation to the mind consciousness system; from the perspective of assessing the individual human being’s life experience and the effect the ‘implants and mind-inserts’ have within their experience of themselves in this world.
As such aliens would be able to ‘access all information of the individual human being’s life in relation to the effect of the ‘implants and mind-implants’ to ‘upgrade’ or ‘specify’ or ‘re-insert’ ‘implants and mind-implants’.

Understand that when such ‘aliens’ ‘upgrade’ or ‘specify’ or ‘re-insert’ ‘implants and mind-implants’ within only a select-few human beings – it is automatically upgraded, specified and re-inserted into and as all of humanity at once and at the same time, due to all human being’s mind consciousness systems’ being ‘united’ through and as the unconscious mind.
If alterations are done within the mind consciousness system through for example,‘implants or mind-inserts’ on one or a select few human beings of this world – all of humanity undergo the exact same alteration.

We have mentioned within a previous crop-circle-article that crop-circles were not made by/through aliens themselves. This article was written within context of the time-frame from the year 1998 onwards wherein crop-circles were indeed only manifestations of/as nature itself by itself or man-made wherein no aliens with their space-ships were involved at all.

They were imprints of alien-space-ships’ specific ‘identification-sound-symbol formation-design’ in collaboration with nature as the unified consciousness field to ‘imprint designs’ within the unified field of this reality through such manifested sound-symbol formations, that enslaved humanity as a whole within a particular ‘imprinted symbol-design’ – this is how alien space-ships’ landings’ sound-imprint’ within crops of farmers were utilized to further enslavement of humanity as a whole within this reality.

Though later within the 19th century – crop circles became man-made, and other methods were utilized by/through the interdimensional existence to ensure manifested enslavement of all of this reality in the unified consciousness field. This primarily done through the upgrade of ‘channels’ of this world.


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