21 November 2008

Lack of Money creates ‘Policing’

How lack of money affects the world:
Lack of Money creates ‘Policing’
21 November 08

In a world where people see only what they want to see and justify what we experience by turning a blind eye, it would seem that we have become one state, one point of control through which man allows himself to be moved, suppressed and silenced. We have become almost ‘dependent’ on our need to be silenced and blinded from self responsibility in this world and one such method would be our allowance of governments and policing.

It is through placing our trust in ‘the police’ and other such authoritive figures, that we completely abdicate and ignore what we really see and experience. For example: The situation currently with money is that some own and move money, while the majority of the human population play a role in how money is generated. Then you have systems and structures in place to numb and console the populous into further making peace with and not standing up to the current situation with money. If we speak up with regards to how lack of money affects us and our ability to live here, then we are given reason to trust our governments and decision makers. In the case of 911 for example, the government created a situation in which the population was taken into a place of total fear, and in that fear made to believe that if we allow mad things to happen, we die. Thus presenting to the populace a ‘safe and reasonably understandable’ method through which we may hide from the fears presented. We are given hope and solutions based on more monetary investments and mind altering fixes. The point of course of all terrorism and conflict is to cause fear within man and give us a sense of defeatism – thus we don’t question the system because the system has already to a large extent ‘proven’ itself as un-breakable. What man does not realise is that the system represents and stands as the complete manifestation of who we are. Our lies and self deceptions manifest as the system we currently fear and abide by – therefore we are systems feeding off a larger system that represents our fear. Interesting that we would consume ourselves as fear, showing us that we are fear and exist as fear, looking for further ways to please our curiosities with regards to our fears. We won’t stand up to the system as our fears but we will judge the people who stand as the system and what it represents. That is because we have never realised that what we see within the system that troubles us, is in fact who we have become.

Our bodies might feel and look organic but our inner reality as our thoughts are mechanisms based on fears of who and what we have become. This story of man’s rapid descent into fear, began when each individual expression as man became afraid that it would die, because we realised that death existed and therefore we knew that our time would come. It became the ‘nature of man’ to live in constant fear of death, and those that desire to control man’s thoughts made sure that we remain afraid so that they may benefit from our ‘attempts’ to not have to experience the death of ourselves. Now the death of ourselves is that of a system. A design that exists within how we live and how we operate. We have been designed as organic robots and we fear the day that our programming won’t allow us to exist any longer. We see how the body dies and it causes us to fear death. As we exist now we allow our fear of death to manifest here to make us feel better about dying. We place structures and events so that we may experience a sense of safety from the inevitable point of death.

Within the money system we take all our resources and we invest it into lucrative methods that will ensure we have enough money to last us a life time. Money being how we value life of course – because the perception of the human is that if you have money and plenty of it than your chances of death are less than the man who suffers and has no place to sleep. From there our desire to have more and more money develops because we start realising that the immensity of death is so, that unless we distract ourselves we might just be consumed with our fears. So humans desire copious amounts of money so that we may spend all our time suppressing our fears by ‘living the life’ (so to speak).

Policing in itself represents the one point which man has not been able to see within our fear of dying. We fear that if we lose money in its total value as it is currently, then we won’t be able to outrun and outsmart death. Slowly we have to make peace with the fact that we’ll die just like everybody else, without reason or purpose. This inevitable death – the death of ourselves as mind systems. For the mind to exist it (as ourselves) must have a reason and purpose and money facilitates this nicely. Policing, therefore is on the forefront of how we cope with and defuse our inherent fear and mistrust of money. In policing we are given reasons as to why we should remain quiet. As long as there exists some impenetrable force that fights against the darkness – man won’t have to face his fears. We place so much value in being safe from harm that we will actually ignore the fact that nobody sees what exists here and will place value in the uselessness of governments and policing. Instead of finding actual solutions for what exists here, we tiptoe behind the fact that the police will serve and protect. But what do they serve and protect? Our desire to protect our fears, as they have manifested here. So we have people in uniforms that step up and ‘apparently’ sort out the crimes and atrocities, even if it only makes us feel better for a while.

The lack of money in this world places man in a position where he can see what really exists but he feels helpless. So we tiptoe around behind the truth of what exists and we blame crime and war for existing, instead of seeing how to stop it from existing. We throw money at war to make it go away but we don’t stop the reason for war. Man is in inner conflict with regards to fear so we play police to judge and punish those that act out instead of actually facing what is here as the nature of man.

When a crime happens and you get the police involved, it leaves you feeling somewhat relieved because according to the system, you have done your best and you’ve supported the ‘end of crime.’ You complain and you fill out forms while the situation as it is escalates around us. Nobody sees what happens each day behind the scenes as we deny our self responsibility. All the crime and all the hate continues, but we feel better because a few ‘criminals’ were locked up. Therefore the police are how we dress up our own justification for our fears to exist and for nothing to be stopped. Policing stands as the ‘force’ between us and what exists in this world and therefore nobody takes self responsibility because everything always just seems under control. The police force and government always ‘just’ win the trust of the public and always make sure that we cannot survive without their protection. The more we create jobs within the police or government, the less we are willing to stop the existence thereof. Things being the way they are, ‘the lack of money in this world’ continues while we hide from self responsibility and the finding of solutions.

On the flip side, the system has taken man's desire to hide from his fears and turned policing in the force that will also suppress man. The system always adapts to itself and will become more effective at what it does. Therefore if man builds a system based on hiding and suppression, then the system of policing will manifest as the suppression of man himself. Freedom of speech will be the first to go as well as freedom of expression. What we once considered to be punishment fit only for criminals, will soon be one and equal within the system for all. You express against what the system is designed to disallow, and you will be stopped. This is where government systems such as policing will bite us in the ass, because we've allowed responsibility to be given to a system and now we will have no say in what we see or experience. The system will police us into submission just as we have always desired it to be – all because we are apparently unable to see beyond our own programming as allowances. So the system will crack down on any attempt by man to act outside of the normal systematic pre-programmed way of existing – through policing and government. And man will allow this because the lack of money apparently determines that man has no value and that policing and government will eventually someday stop the manifestation of what we have allowed from happening. We perceive what exists in this world as unstoppable and not our responsibility, and will throw the police at it, to make it appear as if crime and corruption is under control.

In the end policing is how we control ourselves – as all expressions of ourselves in this world. From the ‘criminals’ to freedom of movement – we become less directive and give our responsibility away to a system within a uniform – brutal and by the book.

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