11 November 2008

History of Contact with Aliens: Part One (Section 1)

10 November 2008
Interdimensional Races were involved with humanity since the establishments of human civilization here on earth.
Some Races were more directly involved from the perspective of maintaining, interfering and directly controlling human beings and humanity in this reality as a whole as those that directly participated in the creation, manifestation and design of the human being as the mind consciousness system with the human physical body and the unified consciousness field as this reality, such as, for example: The Annunaki. This done through utilizing their already manifested creations as the mind consciousness system of the human being and the unified consciousness field and manipulating this to further evolve and in this evolution, to further the surety of the enslavement of beings in this reality.
There were other Races that were indirectly involved, such as the Greys, which visited and were involved with earth for their own individual purposes of exploring and investigating and experimenting on the human being.
Such Races were not deemed a threat by Anu and the Annunaki and were granted access to discover his creation for themselves. Any results or findings found, Anu utilized to further the enslavement and control of beings in this reality.
Other such Races Anu designated, directed and appointed deliberately into this Reality to explore, investigate and experiment with implants as mind-inserts, for example, to further the surety of the evolution of the enslavement and control of beings. Such Races were presented with a ‘choice’ to either be enslaved (such as with the Atlanteans) and become ‘interdimensionally extinct’, or to work with and for Anu in establishing the certainty of His control and power over and of existence.
Within these documents, we’ll explore three ‘time-periods’ and the relationship between Interdimensional Beings and Races and these particular ‘time-periods’ to/towards this Physical Reality (the World), Human Beings and the Human Physical Body as follows:
1. Before the year 1998
2. From the year 1998 to the year 2006
3. From the year 2006 onwards
Within these sections, we’ll go into the involvement and experience of UFO’s, Aliens, Demons, Ghosts, Interdimensional Beings (e.g. Masters, Angels, Guides) and Interdimensional Races (e.g. Annunaki, Draconians) with this Physical Manifested Reality and Human Beings with regards to their ‘purpose’, ‘function’ and ‘reason’ for existing and how their existence influenced the experience of Humans on Earth in the Physical-Manifested Reality (this World) and how their existence towards this Physical-Reality and Human Beings within the Human Physical Body changed and was altered through ‘time.'
Aliens and UFO’s:
Manifestation / Visitation / Contact / Sightings / Landings / Crash-Landings / Abduction / Shape-Shifting:
→ The manifestation of Aliens with their Space-Ships from interdimensionality to physicality:
Interdimensional Races utilized their Space-Ships to enter this physical-manifested reality to be visible to the human eye within the earth’s atmosphere and within the physical-manifested universe amongst the stars and the planets – to manifest from interdimensionality to physicality through a process of fusion and/or shifting/changing vibration as merging with the physical manifested reality.
The process of fusion was primarily utilized for much larger space-crafts due to the intricacy and complexity of the design of such massive space-ships – and the process of fusion was a process that took slightly longer than that of shifting or changing vibration.
Therefore, the process of ‘fusion’ to change from interdimensionality to physicality depended on the size of the space-ship and the amount of aliens occupying a space-ship.
The process of ‘shifting/changing vibration’ was a very fast, almost instantaneous manifestation, but was only possible within much smaller space-crafts that could contain only two or three beings.
→ Visitation, Landings and Contact:
Earlier within and during human civilization – alien visitations on earth was frequent and often through ‘coming down from the interdimensional existence as the ‘heavens’ to visit, according to such aliens’ experience, the intriguing interesting design-creation of the human with the human physical body with the mind consciousness system.
Such alien-races that I mention here were alien-races that weren’t initially directly involved with the creation of the human as the physical body and the mind consciousness system, hence the ‘ignited interest’.
However, such alien-races were ‘left alone’ to their own existence within the interdimensional existence, due to such alien-races not being considered a ‘threat’ to Anu’s reign and his ‘self-exalted purpose’ of enslaving and imprisoning beings into and as the mind consciousness systems’ within a human physical body-creation into and as the unified consciousness field as this reality, this world.
There were alien-races that ‘visited’ with the space-ships for the simple reason of investigating the process of evolution that human beings and the mind consciousness system within the human physical body underwent within the ‘time-space continuum-system,’ manifested within and through the unified consciousness field gridline structure.
They would manifest in and as the physical-realm and have the ability to scan the entire globe together with all humans and all else that existed within it – to ‘manifest an exact duplicate’ of the earth and all that exists within it, in their space-ship – around which they’ll stand and observe ‘up close and personal’ the reality and human beings within it right before them.
Even though it was demanded of alien-races to keep their distance from humanity from the perspective of forming relationships with human beings such as living with them or spending time with them from a face-to-face communication perspective within the saying: ‘you may be seen but not heard’ – other alien-races would land on earth with their space-ships and would allow themselves to come into close-contact with humans through allowing themselves to be seen by/through human beings and even allow themselves to touch humans or be touched – but never staying to form relationships with humans.
This insistence of alien races against forming close relationships with humans of earth was initiated due to the programmed space-time continuum evolution-design of humans on earth.
For if alien-races were to interfere ‘too much and too often’ with humans, it could alter or influence the programmed life-designs of the humans on earth and those that are to come. Those in power and control such, as Anu, wanted to ensure that humans and their existence in and of earth remained as it was programmed to ‘exist,’ and close interference with alien-races would divert the program-designed creation of the human too extensively to Anu’s liking.
Other alien-races were designated and recruited by Anu specifically to further explore and examine the human in its entirety to assist and support the specificity for and of the enslavement of humans into and as their mind consciousness system in and as the human physical body to remain trapped and imprisoned into and as the mind within the physical and remain within their programmed-designs.
Such alien-races for example, created the implants and mind-inserts created in their image and likeness from which to control human beings life-design and experience from their (the aliens’) planet / space-ships in the interdimensional existence primarily through connecting the implants and mind-inserts with ‘frequency-beams’ to devices in their space-ships and planet and also utilized programmed entity constructs implanted into human beings to ensure ‘control-maintenance’ and regular surveillance.
Therefore, programmed entity constructs purpose was for the surety of control and enslavement of human beings into and as their mind in the physical and for surveillance-purposes of ensuring human beings do not have the ability to ‘set themselves free,’ so to speak, but remain the slaves of and as their own mind consciousness system.
Aliens were able to land with their space-ships on earth and move amongst and around human beings on earth without having to be seen as they utilized a cloaking/shielding method to evade human detection.
Such alien-races were interested in the development/evolution of human-behaviour in particular and studied thus, the ‘programmed evolution process’ of human-behaviour and thus were appointed, designated by Anu and his co-creators to investigate designs/programs to ‘exceed’ the current design of behaviour in and as the mind consciousness system to further the enslavement of human beings through influencing/altering their behaviour through the mind consciousness system in the human physical body.
Therefore, such alien-races investigated and explored methods and ways to further specify the program-design of and as ‘human-behaviour’ to through the creation of events and circumstances in human beings’ experience of themselves in this world; to re-direct them, or change and alter their behaviour at will – without human beings’ being aware of it – but believing that situations and events being experienced by/through them in a ‘global-scale’ is but ‘coincidence’ or ‘chance.'
Thus – enslaving human beings through their ‘programmed-behaviour’ through having the ability to direct their behaviour at will – both within human being’s mind consciousness system individually and all human beings at a global scale through global-events that have an ‘global-impact’ on all of humanities’ behaviour.
→ Crash-Landings:
Right near the very beginning of the establishment of human civilization on earth and a period thereafter – there were alien-races that weren’t aware of the situation with regards to when manifesting physically, losing their interdimensionality entirely and completely – if they were to stay/remain within the physical-realm for a period longer that forty-eight to seventy-two hours.
This due to the design-creation of this physical-manifested existence programmed ‘through time’ to become more and more physically manifest, along with the evolution of the mind consciousness system in and as the physical human body that played a role within the total complete manifestation of this physical-manifested existence – into and as complete and total physicality with no existence or inkling of interdimensionality.
Though, before the year 1998 – this physical manifested existence, had ‘interdimensional access capabilities’ and thus was possible for interdimensional beings and races such as aliens with their space-ships to enter and leave this physical-manifested realm at will, though became more and more difficult ‘through time.'
Aliens with their Space-Ships would be able to manifest from interdimensionality to physicality to be visible to the ‘human eye’ within and during the period of forty-eight to seventy-two hours whilst still maintaining the existent-essence of themselves as ‘interdimensional.'
Staying/Remaining longer than seventy-two hours, they’d be trapped and locked into total and complete physicality – ‘losing their interdimensional existence’ and therefore have no ability to return to the interdimensional existence.
Such occurrences with physically manifesting while losing their interdimensional capabilities – which occurred way in the ‘almost-beginning’ phase of the establishment of human civilization on earth – caused Anu and his co-creators to realise the process of this physically manifested realm was becoming more and more physical – which could not be ‘seen,' only ‘experienced’ through events such as aliens and their space-ships manifesting physically – losing their interdimensionality completely.
However, the spectacle of alien-races having their space-ships manifest physically, losing their interdimensionality completely, occurred only with a few alien-races that ended up having to remain on earth in a physical-form – ‘alien’ to that of the human physical form, as their physical-form was not one and equal to the design of the human physical body in any way whatsoever.
Also because of such instances – Anu and his co-creators developed methods to have the ability to remain in the physical for much longer periods of ‘time’ without losing their interdimensionality as Anu and his co-creators were closely involved with humans of earth in the beginning of the establishment of human civilization as to assist and support such humans within their existence of evolving as individual civilizations that were ‘set-up’ on earth.
Alien-races that were ‘trapped’ within the physical-realm were designated to ‘underground settlements’ close to/nearby the earth’s core and/or the earth underneath the ocean and/or within mountains – to ensure they do not become involved and/or influence the evolution of human civilization on earth to the extent where it would be altered that Anu would have to ‘re-start’ the entire existence of humans on earth – so ‘exact’ was he with regards to ‘his creation’ and what he had prepared/programmed for it.
Within the document to follow, we’ll continue within this Crash-Landings section.
Within the end of this entire document, I will be going into the ‘technical-details’ of what has been discussed within this document, on the following points:
1. The manifested existence of the interdimensional existence. How the interdimensional existence was ‘set up’ in comparison to that of this physical-manifested reality.
2. The process of fusion / changing vibration.
3. How and why earth became physically manifest through a process of ‘time’ and the involvement of the evolution of the mind consciousness system within this.
4. The technicalities of how Anu and his co-creators developed methods/ways to remain in the physical-realm without manifesting physically – yet still able to be seen by/through humans.
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