20 November 2008

Indigo Children, Crystal Children and Rainbow Children

Indigo Children , Crystal Children and Rainbow Children are all the same in essence--but opinions vary - suggest to remember the nature of opinions--they are made to serve a purpose that may not serve your child as a living being here equal and one.
Firstly I would suggest to not in any way whatsoever define your child as indigo/crystal, but to experience you with your child as one and equal as you.
See, parents fear within them of the wellbeing of their child bring them to do all sorts of unnecessary actions within which they participate, which the parent believe is the best of their child when it is not, because that which they apparently do which is best for the child is done in and of fear and concern which will have a consequence in the child life.
For instance: Such as believing their child is a indigo/crystal child for instance when the child in actual fact is not at all, and when or if the parent think/believe the child is an indigo/crystal child it influence the childs entire expression as who they are and thus influence the childs life for the remainder of the experience of themselves within this world because the parent defined their child as being indigo/crystal and thus treated the child/behaved around the child according to the child apparently being an indigo/crystal child and this really, extensively cause unnecessary harm within the childs experience of themselves in this world instead of the parent being one and equal as the child.
Realise that your child is here an individual expression within this world as yourself, and thus it is to assist and support your child as you in developing her self expression as who she is as the individual she is within this world. In other words: Experience with her what she enjoys have a look at what she enjoys and participate with her in realising that shes actually here as a gift for you, to also assist and support you within this world within the experience of yourself currently, because in participating with her what she enjoys she so, in such a way develops her self expression as who she is one on one, you and her alone.
Though dont define your child as being indigo/crystal child but realise that she is who she is in every moment as she participates in this world thus, enjoy her presence as you.

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