24 November 2008


Why, why, why?
Why, why, WHY?
Why, WHY, WHY?
This always the question asked in many various ways: Either in despair, sorrow, regret, shame, shock, confusion, interest – fascinating how one word can be expressed in so many various ways dependent on the reason the question was asked within the experience of the one asking it.
‘Why?’ here in this document as the first word placed – will be explored in context of ‘reason’, ‘reasons why heaven abdicated their responsibility to Life.
Reasons are reasoning’s as justifications as excuses within the response to the question of ‘why heaven abdicated their responsibility to Life.
A very response to a question with ‘WHY?’ implies ‘giving a reason for why’, which implies in itself that whatever the response would be, will be of reason as reasoning equal to justifications and excuses.
Therefore, the response to a question of ‘WHY?’ would give one the opportunity to identify reasons as justifications as excuses within the question of ‘WHY?’ that is asked – within this identification, the point of responsibility emerge to stop reasons, excuses and justifications – to stop reasoning and start living.
For a question of ‘WHY?’ would reveal one’s accepted and allowed self-dishonesty if one accept and allow oneself to indulge in the temptation a question of ‘WHY?’ invoke through digging into justifications and excuses as reasons for ‘WHY?’.
Or be self honest within the question of ‘WHY?’ and say it how it is directly, specifically here – no reservation, no hidden agendas, for in the self honest expression of ‘WHY?’ the response is not towards another or the one asking the question, but for oneself – to in the moment self honestly see, realise and understand the ‘WHY?’ to change and transform self within it immediately and open a door to self expansion.
So a question:
What is the difference between being self honest within a response to a question of ‘WHY?’ and giving a reason as giving into the temptation of responding to a question of ‘WHY?’ within justification and excuse for self-interested self-validation?
To me, being self honest within responding to a question of ‘WHY?’ is giving it ‘straight up’ – this is what it is, how it is plain and simple – responding to a question of ‘WHY?’ within reason as justification and excuse however, would be to elude the self honest lived truth as actual real response to a question of ‘WHY?’ – Through ‘making the response sound a certain acceptable or approvable way’, which is done within the utilization of ‘covering up’ the self honest truth through presenting dishonesty in a ‘pretty picture’ = deliberate lying.
How is it that one has become so accustomed to deliberate lying, that when challenged with the question of ‘WHY?’ that one don’t simply ‘say it how it is directly’, which would imply self responsibility and within the self responsibility, live the self responsibility towards self through living the correction or solution of the response given to the question of ‘WHY?’?

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