28 November 2008

The KINGDOM of Enslavement with THE GRAND DECEPTION on EARTH Known as The HOLY GRAIL

28 November 2008

The Individualization of Oneness and Equality

The following has been discovered that is the very essence, the very existence of what Separation really is, as that which is the very origin, as that which brought separation in itself into being - both within ourselves as what we exist and creation, this existence within which we exist that is ourselves:

The Individualization of Oneness and Equality in Separation of each other.

This was done as follows:
Oneness was separated from Equality and within this separation, manifested oneness as an individual concept and equality as an individual concept, imprinted into and as the mind consciousness system to be lived out and experienced within and through the human physical body by human beings that through the living experience of themselves, either within only oneness as the imprinted individual concept or only equality as the imprinted individual concept - created a creation as this physical-manifest reality, as the ultimate Separation.

So, Oneness and Equality was separated and individualized into and as manifested individualized defined concepts, that would be imprinted into and as the mind consciousness system of human beings, wherein the majority of human beings would be imprinted with the manifested individualized concept of Equality and only a select few would be imprinted with the Oneness manifested individualized concept to be lived and experienced by/through humanity within the surety of ultimate separation and certainty of infinite enslavement, wherein no-one would put 1 and 1 together as oneness and equality to be a one and equal united expression, so to speak, that would manifest the ultimate expression of freedom if it were to be lived here in and as the physical, as it would manifest that which we all really are and in each one realising and living the unity of oneness and equality as one and equal no separation can exist, and thus the kingdom of enslavement comes to its end.

The Manifested Individualized Defined-Concept of Oneness:

Oneness, was defined as the direct relationship of a human being with Heaven. Separation-Oneness would be imprinted into and as the mind consciousness system of human beings that would become Masters,Prophets,Ascended Masters, Gurus, Gods, self-proclaimed Christs or Jesus, Channelers,Psychics, Deep-Trance Mediums all the human beings that would directly be regulated and controlled by and through Heaven, that exist outside of the boundaries of this reality, this world. The seemingly profound and special human beings with particular talents and gifts that belongs to only a select few.

Because such human beings were not existing within the bounds of the world-system as with the rest of society that is controlled and regulated within, by and through the world-system in itself they were controlled and regulated by/through dimensional beings in Heaven.

Therefore, Oneness was defined as being a Master, Guru, Channeler all such beings that exist within the very living experience of themselves as more than or more special than the rest of society due to their talents and gifts and/or their direct correlation with Heaven.

When all the while, their very existence as a Master, Guru, God, Chaneler, etc., was a designed-programmed definition of the manifested individualized defined idea of Oneness imprinted into and as their mind consciousness system to so elevate only such a select few human beings into godhood or oneness.


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