13 January 2011

Belly Buttons & Sexy Disasters

lost myself for a moment in a fantasy – a horror fantasy. At the scary moment-supreme I felt this energy string coming up from just above my pubic bone to halfway my belly button. Just a small movement. I never felt that – always focussed on my head when watching/fantasizing ‘scary’ movies. Interesting.

I have always had a vivid imagination. I preferred to read books, movies do not leave much space for my ‘home made’ pictures. Movies are like ready made dinners, while books are like cooking your own meal. But nowadays I prefer to watch movies, but that’s because I now need glasses to read and my eyes getting tired much too soon. So I am more of consumer nowadays and have hardly to chew myself :)


ast night I was watching this talk show and there was this journalist – he was in Haiti when the earthquake had happened and now he has written a book about how the media has deteriorated into ‘disaster pornographers’.  Just making pictures of what is going on is not sufficient any more – only the most horrifying pictures will do. The man said that although the situation over there was  horrendous, it was not as horrendous as we believe it to be because of all the pictures we were shown over here. So we are not presented with reality. Not by the news papers, not by television, not by internet.

haiti-school-feeding-6We are presented with all these horrible pictures on tv, newspaper, internet – and how ‘sexier’ a calamity is portrayed, the more money we as decent civilians will give to help ‘the poor bastards over there’. And we as ‘decent civilians’ need to be exposed to increasingly more horrifying misery to be effected by it.

I was stunned by the words ‘porn’ and ‘sexy’ in relation to a catastrophe… But these words are very well chosen in fact - for it is only money and sex that sells.

Then I started to wonder how in an Equal Money System we would act when such disasters happen. First of all – the goods that we would send, we would be sure they would be applied to assist the people that need them – not some government freaks that fill their pockets. Secondly: help would be far better organized. At the moment there are thousands (!) of Aid organizations present in Haiti -  that are in each others way, not being as effective as they should be.  Why so many separate organisations? In an Equal Money System all will – sooner or later - donate their ego and dishonesties to the museum and become more and more real and we all will know when such horrifying catastrophe takes place, what to do.  We’ll all work together and not  be in each others way, we will all act in the interest of All, not split up in separate groups. We will not act out of self interest motives, but act with common sense – together. Well organized we will make sure we assist and support effectively, and fast.

In an Equal Money System there will be no more corrupt governments like in Haiti.  A lot of money has been send to Haiti – a year after the earthquake still no reconstruction has taken place, not on a large scale. The government of Haiti does not act – too busy filling their pockets. And we allow all of this… we just watch television, say ‘poor bastards’ and continue with what we are doing.

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