27 January 2011

Tunisia and Egypt: the power of a group

atching the news, these riots in Tunisia and Egypt – how people are finally moving themselves to rebellion because they have enough of being poor… it makes my heart have a jump because an equal money system IS possible, it will take many years though. People as a group they can manage to stand up – for food and other basic needs, like they do in Tunisia and Egypt. People demanding a change.
It is most likely there will not be that much of a real change in the nearby future – there will be just another dictator disguised in a democratic suite or in Islamic prayer, just another face doing the same all over again: enrich himself at the expense of the poor. People will learn though. People are getting to know their power as a group. And finally they will stand up as One and demand an equal money system. Because they are hungry. Because they’ll see this is a real solution.
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