Tunisia and Egypt: the power of a group

atching the news, these riots in Tunisia and Egypt – how people are finally moving themselves to rebellion because they have enough of being poor… it makes my heart have a jump because an equal money system IS possible, it will take many years though. People as a group they can manage to stand up – for food and other basic needs, like they do in Tunisia and Egypt. People demanding a change.
It is most likely there will not be that much of a real change in the nearby future – there will be just another dictator disguised in a democratic suite or in Islamic prayer, just another face doing the same all over again: enrich himself at the expense of the poor. People will learn though. People are getting to know their power as a group. And finally they will stand up as One and demand an equal money system. Because they are hungry. Because they’ll see this is a real solution.

  • It's even accumulating further now, the domino effect. Jemen just joined in with Tunisia and Egypt. All those countries have leaders that's been there already 20 to 32 years. So that's how long it can takes before a population stands up. An Equal Money System is possible!


  • All because of internet - so maybe it won't take another 32 years... We'll see.

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