19 January 2011

Desteni Hyves

oday – so far not much to write about. Dj and me both being ill, lying on the couch. Not that ill we just want to sleep all day, but not well enough to get up and do stuff.

I am in the process of building my own website where I will share my process in Dutch. Wanted to do that for some time now but always too busy with other things.
So far there is not much response on the Desteni message here in The Netherlands. I do post some video’s every once in awhile on typical Dutch social communities, but besides some abusive comments from people that obvious are acquainted with the material – no, not with the material, with the ‘negative’ image there is of Desteni (cult etc) – not much is happening. For some time I did participate on some Dutch forums talking about Desteni, but mostly these were just abusive conversations and common sense responses did not do the job; so I stopped.

There is this guy that had opened Desteni Hyves (Hyves is the Dutch equivalent of Facebook) some time ago – I don’t think he is participating on the Desteni Forum – and now he has invited me to join him and made me ‘administrator’. I see the Hyve has 296 members, so it might be worth to participate. So all Dutch speaking Desteni members: join Desteni Hyves!

Desteni Hyves

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