03 January 2011

The primal systematic New Years Resolution

t the moment there is this commercial on Dutch tv with this slogan: the one New Years Resolution - Buy more, Pay less! and then they show in high paste all these products with lots of noise and loud colours and fast movements - hypnotizing!

And lots of commercial for slimming down – of course. First we are hypnotized to eat all this delicious food and then we are told we are fat and should be ashamed of our bodies and we must buy all these weight reducing products.

I was never ‘fat’ so  I’ve always wondered why people, mainly women, fall for this stupid business. Commercials telling us we are not beautiful enough – that you can only be happy in life when you are slim. Well, I was slim – but nevertheless unhappy and unsuccessful :)

Well, the Equal Money System will sort this out – where we are able to be happy with who/what we are and won’t let any system tell us what to do/who to be…

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