18 January 2011

Food for thought

bought way too much food last Friday - the fridge and cupboard are filled with food: we won’t be able to eat it all in the next two days. By then it will no longer be fresh enough and I will have to throw it away…

vegetables_healthy_foodUsually I am quite structured when buying food, having written out a menu for a week and buying what I need to prepare that menu.  Last Friday I knew the next day I wouldn’t be at home all day and evening and Dj was supposed to stay home alone and making a meal for himself.  I felt I should have enough food for him and did go overboard with that.
Plus: The store I usually do my shopping has all these special offers (take 2 pay 1) and that’s also why I bought too much. I lost track of my list and let myself be trapped in this ‘special offer’ thing – which obviously means people buy more than they need. And that’s the intent of the shop of course.

So now I have to throw away good food. Ok, I do recycle some of it, but nevertheless…

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to let go of common sense in favour of getting food cheap. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to believe I need as much food as I can carry to feel safe and to feel I take ‘good care’ of my kid and myself.
I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to be influenced by greed and fear – and buy more food than we need.

I feel I did steal this surplus food. I did take way more than my fair share. I participated in the very consume-consume-consume system I claim I want to end. And by participating in this spending mania  I validated it.

I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to participate in ‘spending mania’ – instead of realizing I am buying more than we need, more than our fair share, pull more out of the world’s food supplies than our fair share. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to let greed and fear of lack direct me. I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to allow the commercial intent of the shop owners get to me and influence me to buy that much.


ow in an Equal Money System there will be no need for commercials and special offers and so on.  There is no need for talking people into buying all kinds of stuff they don’t need. We will no longer ‘consume for the sake of consuming’.
There will be only quality food, to support our body - Common Sense Food – not ‘food’ to support our mind conscious system.  No stuff in it to make it look and taste ‘good’ (as in how we were taught how food should look and taste like).
There will be no competition, no commercial battles because the starting point will no longer be Profit. The starting point will be to support our Human Body Equally. And in that we will all work together – not compete to sell more or have more than the other. Our starting point will be converted into what is Best for All (including the human body).

We, the rich countries, will no longer steal the food from the people in, for instance, Africa. Ships loads of food is transported to Europe, taken away from the farmers and the people; it is not them that benefit from their hard labour, it’s not the people of Africa that eat the food grown on their lands: that’s us – and lots of this precious food is not even consumed by us, but simply thrown away by the importers  when the vegetables or fruits have small spots on them or just because they are ‘not looking that fresh anymore’  – even because the importer makes more money by destroying the food!


vidently we, the consumers, will have to be self honest and take a good long look at what we have allowed to exist – in this context especially at our beliefs and assumptions about food. And our fear of lack of it. And our greed. This will not happen overnight. This will take a process – like we at Desteni are now in Process, the Desteni’I’Process . We all  have allowed and accepted this system of Over-Abundance to exist and continue to exist and allowed ourselves to have way more than our fair share – at the expense of other human beings on this same planet Earth, that have way less than their fair share.
daily bread Of course we will also have to reconsider our starting point towards our ‘meat sources’. How we have accepted and allowed ourselves to consider lots of animals just as that – objects to be treated as merchandise, not considered to be living beings that experience discomfort, pain, suffering. Equal to what we experience. We deny them every right of a decent, dignified life.

And: again we over-consume at the expense of other living beings – animals. Taking way more than we need to support our body.

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