16 January 2011

Me desiring sex

nother point opening up at this party last night was me experiencing interest in males. More specific: ‘Opening up’ to the desire for sex. Many years ago I decided I had enough of relationships, I was done with the sex thing also – because having sex always had some side effects. Me wanting more, like in having a relationship with the guy, or him desiring me to be his partner and me not wanting etc. Too complicated.
I guess this point is opening up at this moment because of me at the moment working on Fantasy Points, which are sex orientated. So noting down these points for my SRAT assignment I experience for a moment the desire. I breath through the desire – but now this suppressed point of not wanting to go there (having sex) is showing and the desire for sex is starting to demand sex. So now I have to face this point like all the other ‘Destonians’ lol

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