25 January 2011

Skilled workers

was at the doctors today – our family doctor is not an average type of doctor. Years ago I came for a consult and sat down. Before I could say a thing he asked me if I had a cigarette for him. He was in the process of quitting but now he needed urgently a smoke! So I gave him a cigarette and he lighted it (in his consulting room) and had his way for a moment. I liked that. Because by doing so he broke down the wall of superiority – of him being the doctor and me the ignorant patient. Ever since that event I feel at ease with him and speak my mind freely.
strenge_lerares220So, this is how I imagine how we would relate to Authority Symbols within an Equal Money System. We would acknowledge their skills, their expertise and diagnosis. Of course we would, but they would be considered skilled workers, not superior to anyone, and not more appreciated (or paid) than other skilled workers, like bricklayers or road workers. This Superior – Inferior design will eventually stop existing, because we would no longer feed it.
Each one of us will be able to develop the skills we are good at and like to do. A person that likes building houses will have all opportunity to acquire the skills needed – a person that has a flair to be a physician will be able to study. All will be given an equal chance to investigate and develop their talents – not one talent is ‘better’ or ‘superior’ – we all will contribute to What is best for All – by doing what we do best and enjoy doing so.
Jobs that no one wants to do (if any) will be equally done in part time shifts, everybody takes his turn, so we all take responsibility equally.

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