19 April 2008

Dj's sf - revengefulness

Dj shows much resistance in doing the SF thing. He is sooooooo angry with me that he doesn't want to do SF just because I want to do it with him. Tonight we got to talk again, after an failed attempt to do SF.

He thinks it's weird, but most of all he can't forgive me...
He actually confessed he is revengeful towards me because of me being so often angry with him.
So I can understand why he is not at ease yet with the 'I forgive'.
I'll have to take it easy with him, not push too hard.

We talked about how this is effecting our daily life - me being angry with him, he being angry with me because I am angry with him, me being angry with him because he is angry with me because I am angry with me...
lol Then he started by dictating me my sf - I forgive myself for allowing me to be so annoyed with Dj. And that I must stop first.
So we made an agreement to assist each other by reminding each other to stop it whenever one of us is angry.

Cool, this talking! We ended by telling each other how much fun we have together also and how much we care.

He told me also he feels like he is another person when he is angry, like there is some notch in his body where this other person comes in when he is very angry, and then saying nasty things. He doesn't like that, this other person, but he isn't afraid.
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