07 April 2008

What is selfhonesty?

Though - it is to understand, that self honesty is not about speaking your thoughts, speaking your emotional and feeling reactions = no, self honesty is not of the mind - many misunderstand self honesty - thinking that self honesty is when you speak what is in your mind - no, that is honesty.

Honesty is when you speak of mind of thought of emotion and feeling - SELF honesty - is when you speak YOU here.

Yet, we're in the process of realising what self honesty is - for this - you within your writing 'speak what is here' - and within this - you will discover self honesty for you as you.

Many ask: But, if I'm of the mind as the mind - then what I write will be honesty - yes, but the interesting point is: Is that it is within seeing the honesty of mind before you in words - that you realise SELF honesty as you.

Because have a look: You've existed within and as the mind for so long, speaking with yourself up there in your head - though now in writing, you see you before you for the first time - standing before you 'naked' so to speak - and within this, an interesting thing occur - you see YOU, yourself and within this - self honesty emerge...

Then you'll realise, self honesty has always been here - but you denied your own self honesty, because you've denied you for so long - by pretending to exist as a mind, because you feared you and therefore feared your own self honesty.

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