18 April 2008

Higher consciousness

‘Higher consciousness’ – consciousness is the conscience of the mind, the enslavement of self to consciousness of mind where the conscience of self is the construct of thoughts, feelings, emotions, memories, ideas, beliefs and pictures of mind.
Therefore: ‘Higher consciousness’ = enslavement of self in separation of self. Because consciousness in itself is a ‘separate entity’ – where ‘higher consciousness’ becomes but the mere ‘heightened sense’ of and as the mind.

You will find no other truth exist, but the truth of self – the truth of self revealed as ‘who you are here’ in every moment of breath. Any other ‘truth’ would be based in separation upon knowledge and information of mind based upon opinion of other human beings’ minds’ of ‘those that have gone before you’.

Believing yourself to be of a ‘soul’ is also separation – ‘who you are’ is not a soul, a soul is a separate manifested constructed design as ‘part of’ the mind consciousness system which was infused within and as beings, within this world – for further enslavement purposes through separation. Defining you according to being a ‘soul’ or ‘of a soul’ limits you the existence of yourself as a ‘soul’ – which is ridiculous.

Within this, life is not a soul – life is who we really are as all as one as equal. Life as who we really are is not defined by anything or anyone of or within this existence – but is able to be self realised through self honesty, self forgiveness, self corrective application and breathing – for life is not of mind, if you have a mind of thoughts, feelings and emotions = life as you as who you really are as all as one as equal cannot exist.

Bruce L.
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