17 April 2008

Why beings 'change' when crossing over...

Q..but the video you did on Dimebag Darrell kind of discoureged me, I felt it wasnt really Dime, it did not sound like the same guy that inpired me to take up guita, and who inspired me to get into the heavy metal buissness. so if it's possible if you could do a second interview with dimebag darrell, and if so Ask him these questions

1. discribe all that he remembers about his life
2. see if he remembers anything about guitar playing

A. Of course he will not be the same as who he was on earth: Not one being is. Because it is the mind as identity of personality of ‘who you believed yourself to be’ according to and of the mind = that dies. Therefore, in death – no being is ‘who they were and as they were’ within this world, because who they were was defined according to, within and as the mind – the mind which ‘ends’, which ‘dies’ in ‘death’ – therefore, death is actually the death of the mind as the identification and definition of self of and within this world – and what remains is self. Though, still a process remains within the interdimensional existence after one has crossed over – to face all and everything of yourself of what you have accepted and allowed as the enslavement within separation of you.

You have a memory of him within your mind – ‘who he is’ is no more the memory human beings have of him within their minds. You cannot define him according to a memory/remembrance within your mind – it’s not who he is, who he really is.

The same with his music – his music was part of his identification and definition of mind = within the interdimensional existence, you’re not defined according to ‘who you were or what you did’ within this world, realising the actual irrelevance = because what remains is SELF, I – that’s all you ‘take with you’ – is you, within and as the interdimensional existence and not ‘you as the mind you believed and perceived you to be’ – and this ‘you’ is not defined according to what you did or who you were within this reality.

Though, he says to realise that your experience has got nothing to do with his music – but with you, yourself – you directed you to assist and support you through his music – his music stands by itself, you grasped it – therefore, you ‘changed your life’ – no-one and nothing else did. You be your own ‘hero’ within you and your world – for idolizing him, would mean you’re stating he’s ‘more than you’ = which is not so. Be one and equal with you, yourself – be grateful for yourself and realise and accept that it is you that changed your own life as each is responsible for only themselves."

Bruce L.

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