01 April 2008

Words and Sound and Harmony

words as the mind is placed in harmonies--that means designed according to the harm of money--thus when you have money--life is a harmony--if not--life is a struggle

this is important to realize the role harmony as money play in the apparent experience of peace and relaxation

in this one must place yourself self honestly in the shoes of those with no or little money--and see if you would be able to handle it--if not--and if you do not find a way to stop this nonsense--you are contributing to the inevitable destruction of creation--instead of finding a way to walk as one as equal

the mind works with symbols--each symbol have a frequency/sound/harmony--and the mind is a system--thus ambidextrous in all ways--the mind will combine all the symbols in a word to form all the images linked to it and access all the energies pocketed/stored linked to any one of the variations within the word-- this is why sometimes strange things happen that one may clearly say--you never conceived--in fact you did--it was just not the primary word you were using--but a variation on the word--where maybe the name of a long lost love was embedded with lots of unresolved issues--or a picture you masturbate with as a child--and the name /words on the picture embedded and is now building emotion every time you get horny

look at the word gun-- a simple word--the mind will for instance link the word begun to it--thus meaning already started--so when you hear the word gun in the news--you automatically will in the precognitive state as the nature of you signal the unified field that the gun is already used or in use--in a statement linked to war--this means the war has already begun--even if not a shot is fired--and your energetic release that feeds the unified field--IMPLIES your permission for war

now understand--that one must be able to see all words in all ways and clear all relationships with all words to be free from the unified field--that is where self forgiveness and self honesty comes in

and remember it took me 14 years--and I am extremely dedicated and read at the speed 6 times faster than the average person with a university degree--thus my information processing skills are developed to support me effectively
it is suggested to develop skills in reading--and to make sure children develop proper skills--because at the moment--by humanity allowing child abuse in all its ways--we are giving consent for new clear war--thus we are in our own inner disgust with ourselves and humanity giving the signal for to total demise of life

our disregard for life supports this--and our focus on placing for instance family as more important than a child suffering from famine or a animal being slaughtered--are saying that even if we are a vegetarian--we are deceitful--thus the message going to the unified field is --we are not really against the abuse--because we do this conditionally

now--when one face these things==you will become more aggressive if the deception is not realized==and instead of taking on the point of deception--you will destroy those that assist you and do your best to justify your deception--and obviously feel better for it--because the excuse--subconsciously will be--I am home--because this is the knowledge that always supported me

the private forum is going to become quite rough in terms of the way the matrix work--and strictly I will only allow beings that actually challenge themselves and develop common sense

this is a lengthy process to get to understand all these things--here we touch only a few points--thus the importance to develop quantum abilities--and that is only possible in self honesty
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