10 April 2008

Lack of trust in me (illness)

I've been ill for a couple of days this week. That's not my question though :D

Since participating on the forum I've been ill often. And this week it was very obvious to me that I got ill after some realisations I had.
I did sf on moving me, conflict etc with one common thing - the lack of trust in myself.

Q. Then I got ill, preventing the movement or cleaning up my act, body???

With this question revealing my lack of trust in me...

In the past I have been fooling myself often, sincerely believing I was on the right track. I know what me and my mind are capable of.

My next thought on this is: why bother? It will reveal itself.

Bwaaaaaaaagh - I am driving me crazy, always in doubt, letting go of it, doubt, letting go... something is not right here, but can't see it, all thick clouds...

Please some clarification/comment, thanks!

B.: Over the years as I applied self forgiveness--every time I removed a layer of the old onion--i got sick--so was sick a lot

Ingrid - you're on 'course' - lol, being sick within and as this process, as Bernard indicated also - is your human physical body literally physically releasing the constructs as you move through your process. See, in being over 28 years old - your entire being as nature of you of mind manifested within and as the human physical body, so constructs of mind actually physically manifested. The being sick indicate that you are moving through the constructs effectively - and thus will release physically within and as you, this is experienced as 'being sick' - so, being sick, it's constructs physically releasing that have manifested within and as you within and as the physical human body. So, don't resist being sick - release, drink lost of water, breathe and diffuse. Audrey H.

Q.I havent been sick for years now... I am not getting sick... and I am applying self forgiveness..does it mean that the SF is not having any effect?

A. It's dependent on much - with regards to how you've constructed you according to mind, suppressions, self definition according to mind, past experiences etc. and the intensity and extensiveness of you within your life experience according to mind within this world. Though, take into consideration - that it's not only to apply self forgiveness, but also the self corrective practical application together with self forgiveness - that's how you change you in self honesty practically here. Only self forgiveness = not enough. Audrey H.
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