09 June 2008

Children and cancer

A while ago we communicated with a child who had died in hospital due to leukemia and her perspective was quite interesting.
She said that when she died she wondered why and asked the question for the reason why children had such extensive illness and so she investigated the situation.
What she found was the following: Due to the Soul Construct manifestations within existence during the 'White Light period' it had to do with 'Karma' - the apparent 'Karma' of the parents' due to past life experiences of which lessons they were required to learn within this current life and the child was playing a role within the parent's 'Karma Lessons' of past life experiences they are required to 'learn' in this life.
Children in such situations are currently removing themselves from earth as their manifestations/birth here previously was of the White Light Construct - they'd be much more effective in heaven in assisting and supporting human beings on earth together with all the other children of heaven - their suffering is unnecessary.
Though in this moment the children are being protected - so that parents' systems don't transfer unto the children - I also regularly check up on children - though those that are currently in the system - from about 4 to 6 years of age have already gotten some of the parents' systems already busy transferring into them - so what the children of heaven are doing in such cases are to stand within and as the child as who the child really is and continuously and constantly remaining stable, keeping the child of earth stable, within and as the expression of who they really are.
Babies currently in mother's wombs - this we're clearing as well - to ensure no systems are transferred - so that the being being born - remain in self expression as who they really are - it sound rather simple - but it's not really. For dimensional beings assisting (the children of heaven is currently with the children on earth together with the sound structural resonances) and supporting here - much attention, focus, specificity is required in every moment.
Therefore - it's important for many human beings who have children to assist and support themselves in realising who they are - they're own self expression within and as oneness and equality through self honesty, which equals self trust which equals self expression - so that the parents may support the children within and as their unconditional self expression as who they really are.
And thus in such a way eliminate the 'sins of the father's' construct - the family construct within and of this consciousness existence.

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