07 June 2008

Personalities suits

In these personality suites--identify the suite within you and how it mutated to be in disguise--which suites are primary and which are secondary--realize that all exist in all--that is why and how we are HERE--we created EVERYTHING here--some we live and some we hide and some we deny and some we transcend

share the way you transcended your personality suites

(quote): place the personality in you as you within the thread, go through each one in this way, then observe what comes up in your mind towards that particualr personality and so you apply self forgiveness and you will see from here it'll open up ...I am speaking from the perspective of you assisting and supporting you, because you said you still had reactions, write down in the threads what you experience with regards to each one (of the peronality suits) and the self forgiveness/self corrective application within it = a suggestion: Writing self to freedom

07/07/2008 ‹Alice B.›  you must not change no matter who says your name, if you change within you dependent on who says your name = personality suit indicator = this is what I have discovered within me also = fascinating

me the mother working on that one
me the daughter
me the sister* = middle child 
me the middle child*
me the best, loyal friend
me the lover
me the neighbour*= me the social one 
me the teacher
me the animallover 
me the helper/saviour
me the nice one* = me the social one = the neighbour
me the lazy one
me the hard worker
me the patient one
me the irritated one
me the loner 

me the handy one
me the disappointed one
me the hurt one
me the revenger
me the clean one
me the filty one
me the ignorant one
me the clever one
me the funny one
me the serious one
me the mean one
me the clumsy one 
me the spontaneous one
me the loving one
me the artist
me the creative one
me the quilty one
me the loner
me the observer*

Me the sister Yes, the sister role playing, I know this one well :D I still see myself being trapped in this one - we (my 2 sisters and me) we're raised with the strong belief one should always be there for ones family. Even thinking about not doing the 'right' thing (= being loyal) used to trigger an immens feeling of guilt.   

me the middle child hi, yes, I am the middle child too, one older and one younger sister and it is part of my definition of Ingrid. My role was: the Intermediator - always seeing both sides, understanding both viewingpoints, being reasonable, the peacemaker, the drain etc. Quite an effective suit to avoid facing me. I 'worked' on this one some time ago and notice change - I am not that much into the intermediator part nowadays, but I still have to 'watch' myself when my sisters start to argue and want me to be a part of it - the middle part - so they can yell and let it all out and I should listen and be 'wise' Mr. Green So now I stopped this role - my sisters are forced to review their roles - interesting.

me the nice one
Did sf awhile ago on this being nice stuff
"I forgive myself for accepting and allowing myself to act like a wall of pretence of kindliness while in truth I am not there, and participating in violent behaviour by false pretence and ignoring me and the other person both and thus separating me from the other being. "
Aknowledging aloud the 'violent behaviour' hidden behind my 'being nice face' - this is merely an upper layer of a very strongly engrained surviving pattern I am not yet able to see in his 'full glory-hallelujah'
Being nice and positive and 'a cushion for humankind to lay their weary head on'

me the observer
Me the Observer stays out of all the turmoil - by separating myself. 'Staying out' indicates a limited freedom of movement, a comfortable 'freeze' stay in grid stay ing out stay in gout (gout = a disease in which defective metabolism of uric acid causes arthritis, especially in the smaller bones of the feet)

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