24 June 2008


Q: if I go around yawning a lot. Will there be less mind-consciousness system ?

A. No -

Yawning - lots of yawning places you in lots of 'timeloops' - becasue when you yawn - the mind 'shuts down' for you not to realise or become aware of a specific moment within which a transcendence exist.

Thus - yawning - when you experience a yawn coming - stop it and observe what the thought was in your mind and where this thought is 'influencing' your entire being within your process - apply self forgiveness and 'flag it' so that you may self correct yourself through application when you notice you're again behaving as the thought which you had previously forgiven - thus - self forgiveness with corrective self application. Thus - no timeloop.

Yawn without awareness of why and self forgiveness with corrective application - timeloop.

Yawning is a 'automatic safety protection unit' of the mind consciousness system within you - as the 'yawn' suppress you and the mind 'shuts down' in that moment - like 'sneaking further to the back to the unconscious' so you don't see, realise or become aware of how the mind moves and works.

Thus - what you experience when yawning is not you but the mind - satisfactorily achieving the suppression of you.

Thus - be aware when you 'feel like' yawning or after you have yawned - immediately stop and observe your mind - you'll see those sneaky little thoughts moving in your mind. 

Thus - when you yawn - whether contagiously or by yourself - in both circumstances - have a look at the reason/cayawninguse for the yawn - stop and apply self forgiveness.

As you become aware of yourself you'll realise that the mind prepare for the yawn through a 'suppression' that takes place - it seems fast - but it's actually very slow. You'll experience it as 'standing back' within yourself - a slight sinking sensation - then the 'idea' of 'tiredness' and then the yawn. Thus - as you become aware of you - you'll be able to stop the yawn before it comes - because when you experience that 'sinking in/backwards' within yourself - you breathe and you stand up within you.



Jack on yawning: http://innosentence.blogspot.com/2008/06/yawning-explained-by-jack-hom-120.html
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