19 June 2008

Perseverance and Preserving

Self perseverance is the courage to stand up and act in every moment self honestly.
See the mind uses 'personality preserving' = preserving the definition of itself in myriads of ways such as fighting for limitations, accepting the 'lesser' of self in every moment, utilizing justifications, reasons and excuses, postponements why not to change/transform/purify self here immediately.
'Personality preserving' exists when one fear losing that which you have defined you as from within the mind and will deliberately refuse to stand up in common sense self honesty as this would mean change and beings don't want to change because they 'love' their 'precious mind' oh so much because it's apparently 'who they are'.
So, you either exist in self perseverance, where you stand up in self honesty in every moment no matter what
You exist in 'personality preserving' of mind, where you fight for your limitations and use justifications, excuses and reasons not to transcend yourself through stopping the mind, but create designs as ways in manifested behaviour and thought to validate your existence of mind.
So observe yourself in every moment and see how you're able to assist and support yourself to transform 'personality preserving' to self perseverance - to in this stop preserving the mind as manifested memory to no more accept/allow self to be but of thoughts, reflections of thought, but to live self perseverance as expression of life in self honesty
Self perseverance: No more falling into the mind, but standing in stability in every moment as the self honest statement of who I am until this is done.

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