24 June 2008

Smoking and cancer

On cigarettes:
"For all smokers' out there, I have some ‘good' news and some ‘bad' news: Smoking does not cause cancer or any other ‘harmful' diseases – what does cause cancer however are consciousness systems which you have used to define who you are such as suppressions of anger, eating away at your physical system, slowly but surely. So, if you are a smoker, the ‘good' news is that it doesn't cause cancer, yet the bad news is that if you do have suppressed anger within yourself, it's more than likely your lungs will get fucked, or any other part(s) of your physical system for that matter, whether you smoke or not!
(Hitler places the cause, source and reason of diseases and illnesses into perspective in his writings, so I suggest you take a peak at what he has to say in his writings as to the reason why I state: Smoking does not cause cancer, consciousness systems within you does.)

In terms of the myth/belief that is spread in this world that smoking is apparently the cause for various different forms of ‘death' in this world, cancer or lung diseases are actually related to suppressed anger concerning the ‘family matrix/system'. Yes, the CHEST point represents your ‘love' and ‘devotion' to your family – ‘love', ‘caring' and ‘devotion' that is able to be reversed into disappointment, disgust, anger and frustration. The world (word) – removing the letter ‘l') is in reverse. I will be explaining shortly how and why the relationship between parents and children, take a turn for the worse, having the complete reverse effect as what the parents intended for the relationship with their children to be, as children grow up and come of age. "

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