01 June 2008

Man kills self while shooting at skunk

So, what the hell happened to this guy?

Experienced this statement literally: What you do unto others, will be done unto you, though within process the statement is as follows - what I do unto others, I do unto myself.
And I am but an example of what is to come.
When I entered the interdimensional existence, I said: I'm not supposed to be dead, this is not the way it was supposed to go! Because within my mind, while I was preparing to shoot the skunk, I already imagined it being done - the skunk dead and me gloriously triumphant at another successful shooting spree...but it didn't turn out exactly as I imagined it would!
Shooting the skunk was shooting me - I killed me, we do this always - we literally kill ourselves - my experience was more the 'faster, quicker' version of literally killing yourself!
So within this, it's interesting as I'm typing here, because what exists in this world is death and death only - from the moment we're born into this reality, we prepare ourselves to die eventually, inevitably - that's why death is a manifested inevitable certainty and why life doesn't exist and hasn't ever existed within this existence.
Because if death exists = life cannot exist.
So, from the first moment of something/someone's existence within this world = they/it is already dead.
Life as who we are - we will be and live life as who we are, all as one as equal = when death seize to exist.
Okay - that's it - quite an unpredictable yet fascinating experience - lol
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