25 June 2008

Yawning explained by Jack (HOM 120)

"...So be aware of when you yawn or when you hear words spoken and you start yawning, you know when you're in a conversation you just want to start yawning that's when your mind wants to shut down and not hear what the other human beings are saying because if you would actually start hearing what they're saying, it may assist and support you in your application in your process. And when you yawn immediately apply forgiveness.

'I forgive myself that I haven't allowed myself to be aware in that moment and therefore I yawned'
'I forgive myself that I've allowed myself to shut down'
'I forgive myself that I haven't allowed myself to hear'
'I forgive myself that I have allowed myself to in that moment suppress me instead of being aware and standing up in seeing where I was in that moment, instead of doing that, I yawned'.

So yawning is suppression is a shutting down, is standing back and that goes the same with like lethargic experience when you're around human beings you know you start getting tired, you feel yourself start going back, immediately when that comes, stand up and say 'No! I don't accept this, you breathe, let out and you say 'I'm here' Immediately because that like tiredness that occurs and that yawning wanting to come is the mind, you going deeper and deeper into the mind, shutting down, going back, suppressing it's like a mind retreating mechanism, instead of standing forth giving direction to yourself.

So be aware when you yawn know that when you yawn you have to immediately stop, look back and see: what were you thinking, what were you looking at, who were you with, what words were spoken by the beings before the yawned occurred and see where it relates to you in your process and your application in this moment and you correct it immediately, because remember in that yawn what happens if you don't immediately go back, that moment is completely suppressed in the entirety of your being, it actually integrates and therefore it will start becoming a habit which you live and then you won't notice it until it actually manifest as an experience for you to see it and then correct it. So rather instead of going through an experience, correct it in the moment immediately, do everything immediately human beings, don't wait.

Otherwise you're gonna have to experience certain experience because you've manifested it as yourself because you've accepted it as yourself and thus you've manifested it as an experience of yourself, and then only correct it accordingly after certain events first had to occur and manifest before you see it, because it's become so part of you that you don't see it. (...)

Another suggestion in terms of assisting you with 'being here' is your fingertips and your toes, you feel it in your hands when you touch anything or anyone, are you here, are you here, you feel it in your touch, you experience it in your touch, on your finger tips every time you touch are your hands drippy or hands here, it feels like little points there, right on your fingertips you experience it (it’s just that feel you actually experience it) so on your fingers and on your thoughts in every moment of awareness you stand here as the entirety of the being and you experience it on your toe's tips and on your finger tips and then be aware every time you touch, be aware that your touch is here. You're not anywhere else but just here with the touch, yourself 'I'm here' "

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